Earex Advance Ear Drops

Earex Advance Dual Action Ear Drops

Earex Advance Ear Drops has a dual action formula which softens and removes hard earwax. Used regularly, Earex Advance Ear Drops can also prevent the build up of hardened earwax and reduce the need for syringing.

For a dual-action treatment of earwax build up

Earex Advance Ear Drops has a dual action formula to soften and remove hard earwax, so you can hear more of the moments that matter. Used regularly, Earex Advance Ear Drops can also prevent the build-up of hardened earwax.

Who is it for?

Adults, the elderly and children following medical advice.

What the experts say...

Earex Advance Ear Drops is especially suited to people who are more likely to suffer from earwax problems – such as children, the elderly, hearing aid users and water sports enthusiasts – because it not only helps remove earwax, but it can help prevent build up.

How to use

  1. Tilt the head and squeeze 3-6 drops of Earex Advance Ear Drops into the auditory canal
  2. Keep the head tilted and with a tissue or cotton wool, keep Earex Advance Ear Drops in the ear (do not exceed 10 minutes)
  3. Gently remove the liquid, rinsing gently with lukewarm water to remove remaining earwax
  1. Repeat 1-2 times daily for the removal of earwax or once a week to help prevent earwax build up.

Treatment usually takes 3-6 days

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