Your ears are amazing

Our ears provide our ability to recognise, appreciate and reproduce sounds. They are complex and delicate and that’s why, when you get a problem, like a build-up of earwax or hardened earwax, your ears need special care.

Earex provides treatment for common ear problems including excess earwax build-up and hardened earwax.

For ear care, Earex.

Did you know?

The bones in your inner ear include the smallest bone in your whole body.

Did you know?

Never insert cotton buds in your ears; you can easily damage your ear lining or ear drum.

Helpful ear care advice

My ears regularly get blocked up

If you feel that your hearing has become less clear, the problem could be earwax build up.

Earwax plays an important role in protecting the delicate inner ear against dirt and dust from outside and naturally tends to move along the ear canal until it leaves the ear. However, when there is excessive wax secretion or when the wax hardens, it can result in hearing loss.

Earex offers a choice of treatments to soften, remove and reduce the need for syringing.

Earex Advance Ear Drops is a dual action formula to soften and help remove hardened earwax.

Earex Olive Oil Ear Drops, as recommended by GP’s, is a natural way to soften and remove excess wax.

Why are these people more at risk from ear problems?


They may have overactive wax producing glands

Older people

They may produce drier wax that is less able to escape the ear naturally


Water can cause built up earwax to expand and create a blockage in the ear canal

Hearing aid users

Hearing aids can prevent wax leaving the canal causing a build up

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